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 Titus looking for a quest!

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PostSubject: Titus looking for a quest!   Thu May 08, 2008 8:54 pm

Titus walked up to the mare.

"Hello, young stallion," she said

Titus whinnied to her, indicating he needed something to do.

"Maybe you could help me find my colt, Star, he ran off somewhere and I do not know where" she told him. "Please help"

"Do you remember which direction he went in? And what does he look like?" He asked her.

"He went north, and he's a black arab colt with a star, please find him!" she neighed at Titus.

Titus nodded and whinnied, he knew north was to either Lone River, or Snowy Acres, he would have to be careful in Snowy Acres as it is owned. He nickered before galloping north.
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Titus looking for a quest!
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